Louisa Guild Jewelry is meant for everyday wear.  All of the jewelry is handmade by Louisa in the USA.  The casted piece is solid Brass.  Any chains or components that are gold, are gold filled.  They are not plated gold.  The difference can easily be Googled.  In short, gold filled is much sturdier and much more durable with a layer of gold instead of painted on gold.  The process provides years of use, instead of weeks.  Given that the casted pieces are brass, there may be some tarnish that accumulates on it.  Our recommendation for cleaning is to purchase a silver cleaning cloth such as Sunshine cleaning cloth.  You can also dip your jewelry in a gentle jewelry cleaning solution.  We think that polishing with the cloth and then a quick dip in a gentle solution is the best way to sparkle up your LGJ jewelry.  

We hope that you enjoy years of wear with your LGJ jewelry.  It is made with pure intention.  We know that our customers seek quality and longevity from their jewelry and we honor that intention.  Please let us know if your investment needs attention.  We will always stand behind our jewelry.